I found this little video clip on youtube. It makes a great intro to my site..

This blog is intended as a resource mostly for newbies in the virtual world, there are more knowledgeable people than me around, but information could take you years to discover ..so I am putting everything I know here and some I am still learning about..more is on the way, and do check back because I do update from time to time..please note that my preference is for the opensimulator virtual world environment and whilst I provide much info about other simulated environments I am likely to mostly be referring to that here.

There are many quicklinks and features to get you into the virtual world quickly and easily, as previously stated, my preference is for opensimulator but there are a number of different virtual world environments and I have attempted to show them all here or provide pathways to the information.

Just click away randomly on all the above tabs at whatever you find interesting you will soon get the hang of it ! ..have fun!

These are a few shots of my own virtual worlds.

( don’t click now ..just been hacked ..grrrrhhh!!!)




This quirky little app will also help you surf the sites I am attempting to direct you to for info

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